Episode 001 – The Audience

Art and Classical Music are nothing without the audience. In the very first episode of Keep It Classical, I talk about the importance of the audience and the importance of making sure we perform for the audience. Classical Music is important because it rounds out a community. There is nothing that says burgeoning society quite like a thriving arts scene. But we must always be working to grow the audience. A – so the art form can survive. And B – so we can give something to people that they might not have. But we have to make it accessible. Too often, we preach that we want a new audience but only if they play by our rules. When in reality we should be getting that audience truly excited about what we do. Let’s start the conversation. After listening to the episode – if you have anything to add or you would like to talk to me, please feel free to contact me on Facebook, Kevin Richard Doherty, Entertainer/Host, or on Twitter @kdohertyent. You can also contact me at my website, www.kevinricharddoherty.com.

Keep It Classical is released as an audio blog every Friday. Keep It Classical is produced and edited by me and is a production of k. doherty entertainment.

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