#TBT: The Tinder Opera

Featured March 28, 2017, on NPR:

Over 400 years ago, opera made its debut on the stage and traditionally that is where the art form has lived and thrived. That doesn’t mean folks haven’t tried to adapt opera to modern times. In the 20th century, works were written for Radio and TV. And now the art form has made its way to the internet.

In an attempt to appeal to the 21st Century audience, The Tinder Opera addresses the current social climate. As the title suggests, the piece is centered around a popular dating app. And it’s short – at just 11 minutes, the opera is sure to appeal to a “more modern” attention span.

Scott Joiner and Adam Taylor of Rainy Park Opera are responsible for the piece which made its debut over a year ago on YouTube with a budget of just two thousand dollars. True to the art form, The Tinder Opera took the stage last fall at Opera Carolina in Charlotte, North Carolina. They’ll perform it there again next season alongside The Tinder Opera’s sequel, The Bachelor Opera. (No kidding). Can you guess the duo’s next project? I bet you can, it’s called L’opera di Facebook.

Check out the rest of the feature from NPR’s Naomi Lewin.

You can see The Tinder Opera in its entirety here.

Last May, I had the opportunity to talk with Scott Joiner myself on Keep It Classical, Episode 005: Making A Connection With Connection Lost, A Tinder Opera. To hear more about The Tinder Opera and about Joiner’s life and career in music, hit play on this engaging episode.

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