Simply speaking, today’s art music can no longer be contained in neat little boxes. The walls built to separate classical music, jazz, pop, world, electronic, and more in the 20th century have come crumbling down. The issue is that not everyone knows that. Enter A New Canon, the online media resource devoted to the progress and presentation of creator-driven art music in the 21st century.

The premise behind A New Canon is in the uprooting of the rhetorical Germanic canon of classical music that begins in the 18th century with Bach, reaches its apex in the 19th century with Beethoven, and ends abruptly in the early 20th century with Strauss and Mahler. Classical music is a collection of ideas and not a hard and fast rule. The music’s creators have always been inspired by the world around them – major events, their travels, love – all things from which great art is born. As centuries go by, the ideas change, the world changes and yet the spirit remains the same – the purpose of music is to illuminate, lift up, and transcend life’s experiences. Great artists know this, therefore it doesn’t matter if the music is classical, jazz, electronic, world, or whatever. Luckily, we live in a time when those lines are becoming blurrier and blurrier.

Therefore it is A New Canon’s mission to continue to lessen that divide by rebuilding the bridge between today’s audiences and independent, creator-driven music.


We’d love to read your comments and suggestions and thank you for stopping by!

Kevin Richard Doherty lives in Sacramento, California. A veteran radio host, Kevin is the Managing Editor for Music & Arts at CapRadio, KXPR 88.9 FM – a radio station that specializes in the presentation of classical music and jazz. Kevin also hosts a 2-hour-long new music program called “Saturdays at 6” which focuses on genre-fluid music (classical, jazz, ambient, folk, etc.) from around the world. Kevin is co-founder of the Rogue Music Project in Sacramento also dedicated to producing out-of-the-box musical and theatrical experiences for audiences who are looking for something different.

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