Episode 004 …Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced

Knoxville Opera’s upcoming production of Tosca is going to be, well, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The Puccini masterpiece is to be performed in Downtown Knoxville and is slated to be an all-day affair. The fresh-look production will take place in three different venues, each venue housing a different act. The first act, which is set in a church, takes place at Church Street United Methodist Church; the second act takes place at the Knoxville Convention and Exhibition Center located on the ground floor of the Holiday Inn at World’s Fair Park (note – this is NOT the convention center); and the third act will take place at the Amphitheater at World’s Fair Park. For this episode of Keep It Classical, I sat down with the Executive Assistant at Knoxville Opera, Sarah Fitch. Can I tell you a secret? Sarah is also my fiancee, so not only did I get an expert on the subject, I got a really fun and familiar conversation as well.tosca

I am told that there are still tickets available, but you have to show up to the FIRST act one performance that begins at 2 PM. You will have to get their well before the curtain if you want to snag a ticket. The performance takes place this Saturday, April 30. If you can’t get there tomorrow or this notice is too short, then check out the Knoxville Opera website for information on how you can score a ticket to a future show. If this production is any indication, then there are only exciting things to come for Knoxville Opera!

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